User Manuals

2003 10 23

An initial draft of several user manuals are now available:

Security Administrator User Manual
System Administrator User Manual
Common Operating Procedures User Manual

OpenCOE Released

2003 10 09

OpenCOE is released. This release includes an IzPack GUI installation, changes supporting automated ant builds, and changes supporting an automated test framework. This release also marks the transition to the new website. New Installation Procedures can also be found on the web site.


Installation Procedures

Open Group supports COE Kernel Platform Certification Program

2003 10 08

It appears that DISA has outsourced the COE Kernel Platform Compliance program to the Open Group earlier this year. DISA also retired the phrase "Kernel Platform Compliance" and is now referring to "Application Platform Compliance." And the Free Standards Group is charged with establishing an "Open Source Linux Common Operation Environment (COE)." See the previous news item.

As a reminder, OpenCOE has no relation with the Open Group, DISA, or the Free Standards Group.

Open Group COE KPC


Source published for DISA COE 4.x for Linux

2003 Aug 30

The Jet Propulsion Lab, DISA, and appear to have published the original source for the 4.x COE Kernel on Linux. Their site is and the source code can be found in cvs at

The current code base at the site is a reimplementation of the 3.x COE Kernel distinct from the DISA source.


2003 Aug 18
  • Unit Test Cases for all kernel segments
  • Numerous Bugfixes associated with above tests
  • Apache Ant replaces home grown Makefile.coe for build/install
  • Man/Help pages for COE documented APIs.
  • Inclusion of sample repository/segment at /h/COE/data/NET_SERVER

The coekernel-latest.tgz contains the latest ( kernel.

The coekernel-source.tgz contains a source based release. You will need Apache Ant to complete the compile/installation.

New Status Page

2003 Apr 17

New unit tests are being incorporated into the COE Kernel segments and the results summarized in the Status page.

Red Hat COE uses tools

2003 Mar 17

Browsing the DII COE Linux Kernel source, I noticed that the COE Installer is based on java code (named JIFI) from JIFI implements a Java Specification Request 38 sponsored by DISA. You can download jax files from the cited site.

DII COE for RedHat Linux 7.2

2002 July 25

DISA makes a move. After months of rumours, the official Linux port of the DII COE Kernel has been released. It is still distributed under a non-disclosure agreement. The executables and some supporting documentation are available at


2002 June 18
  • Improved Perl security using strict and taint modes.
  • Initial work to establish directory and file system independence.
  • Tweaks to sudo to allow delegated segment installs.
  • Added PERL5LIB to hold extra modules required for COESegInstall.

Note the addition of some convenience links to the kernel tar files.
The coekernel-development.tgz. will get you the full development kernel (sans source).
The coekernel-devlite.tgz. will get you the COE, OS, UserMgmt, and UAM segments and source.
The coekernel-latest.tgz. will get you the latest "stable" release.
And, of course, the latest release is coekernel-


2002 May 22
  • COEInstaller improvements to install in selected directory
  • Fixed JAVA tar file corruption (procedural problem)
  • Fixed .Profile.dat file corruption


2002 May 20
  • Rollup of permission bugs listed below
  • COEInstaller improvements to support FTP downloads
  • COEInstaller improvements to display Disk data
  • COESegInstall improvements to delete application data on deinstall

OpenCOE bugs

2002 May 20
  • chmod 755 COE/Comp/OS/bin/OS_get_uid
  • chmod 755 COE/Comp/UserMgmt/bin/COE_get_user_profile_data
  • chmod 754 USERS/data/local/Profiles/.App.dat
  • chown COE:SA USERS/data/local/Profiles/.App.dat


2002 May 12
OpenCOE was released. Annouced on Freshmeat. Extensive improvements to the UAM Manager allowing the edits of Users and Profiles. Some Unix Group management features added.

Sourceforge CVS Import completed

2002 Apr 19
The CVS import of the code is complete. Check out

Freshmeat Listing

2002 Apr 17
Hoping for some interested parties to join me in test and development, I have setup a Freshmeat listing. Welcome. Drop me a line at


2002 Apr 15
Work on OpenCOE resumed this winter so now it is time for a new release. This release contains a Software Installer that can load segments from a local repository and a primitive User/Profile manager that can create a user on a Posix system that has sudo and expect loaded. An SDK is included for rolling your own segments. Install documentation updated. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. The 1.X series is development only. The 2.X series will be pre-releases with the 3.X to be a working implementation of the DII COE 3.X APIs.

Install Notes added and Segment Update

2001 May 10
I noticed that the March 31 Segments were not all loaded unto the site. They are now available. And the cd installation script has been modified to support an ftp download and install. See the bootstrap notes on the ftp site or at OpenCOE Bootstrap Installation Notes.

Welcome, COE Developers!

2001 May 09
Two letters and a bunch of hits from "official" sites and it seems that OpenCOE is on someone's radar. I am scrambling to update the site for you. New software, new installation notes, CVS entries at sourceforge are all scheduled for the next two weeks. So if you don't see what you want, send me a note at and I will see what I can do. New FAQ at

OpenCOE goes public at the CLIQ

2001 March 30
All this activity had a reason. I was invited to lead a group discussion at the Colorado Linux Information Quest on March 30. I had several interested participants who drilled me on the purpose of pursuing a COE project. I can summarize that in 3 broad goals.
1. The COE user/profile/application ACL model is known by large (hundreds to thousands) of DoD/Contractor sysads and engineers. A familiar model is more likely to be deployed than an unfamilair one.
2. By providing a preprocessed and tested openCOE segment library of open sourced software, that software is more likely to be used by COE engineers.
3. An open source COE project may provide engineering solutions that are usefull to the DII COE project. For instance, a more robust segmentation toolkit or improved auditing/logging functionality.
I had great fun and the conference spurred me on to a great deal of coding. We now have a working prototype of the openCOE environment. You can get a slide presentation at

openCOE Staff Account Group Released

2001 March 29
The staff account group provides a template for creating new profiles for common users.

System Administrator Account Group Released

2001 March 29
The security administrator account group adds a secman user to the system and provides application data for the User Account Management Tools.

System Administrator Account Group Released

2001 March 29
The system administrator account group adds a sysadmin user to the system and provides application data for the segment installer.

openCOE developers' toolkit (coe_dev) Released

2001 March 29
The coe_dev segment includes the tools needed to create and validate new segments

COE Kernel Release

2001 March 29
The COE Kernel is the heart of the openCOE Platform. Included our the user tools ApplicationManager and ProfileSelector as well as the segment installation tool COEInstaller.

Java2 Release

2001 March 29
This is Sun's JRE for Java2 1.3 for Linux. This and Perl 5 form the runtime environment for openCOE.

PERL5 Release

2001 March 29
This is Perl 5.6 compilied for Linux. This and Java2 form the runtime environment for openCOE.

Operating System Interface (OS) Alpha Release

2001 March 29
This segment provides the capability to interface to the operating system to edit users, groups, inetd.conf and to get OS specific information such as the next available uid.

User Account Management Tools (UAM) Alpha Release

2001 March 29
The Java2 GUIs for user management are built. They include UAM_Manager which is a database browser, UAMEditGroup, UAM_EditProfile, and UAM_EditUser. The three Edit tools can be called up in three modes: edit, create, delete. However, only the create mode is currently enabled in EditUser and EditProfile. More work to come.

User Management APIs (UserMgmt) Completed Today

2001 February 28
All User Management APIs now have an alpha version coded. This is a complete set of the User Profile APIs indentified in the Application Program Interface Reference Manual (APIRM) for Kernel and Developer's Toolkit Version (HP-UX/Solaris 2.5.1) . V0.0.0.2 will have all flags enabled (including man pages). V0.0.0.3 will have output verified against a DII COE version. V0.0.0.4 will have exit status checked against DII COE originals. V0.0.0.4 will then be packaged as an OpenCOE software segment and released as V3.0.0.0 to indicate DII COE 3.X compatability. You can download a copy at

Still to come: the User Management APIs Documentation and User's Manual
Still to come: the User Management Tools -- SSOEditProfiles, SSOProfiles, ProfileSelector.


The OpenCOE Project would like to thank Linux Lots and SourceForge for supplying resources to host this project

Stylesheets on this site originated at Loom/JContainer