Create New Group

This procedure describes how to create a new COE group using the UAM (Group/Application Manager) UAM_Manager application.

TABLE: Create New Group
Step Instruction Results
Login to the workstation as the "secman" group.
Starts a desktop session.
On the toolbar, select the "ApplicationManager" icon.
Opens the "ApplicationManager" window.
Select: SSO Default -> UAM_Manager
Opens the "UAM Manager" window.
Select: Edit -> Groups -> New
Opens the "New Group" window.

Note that the GID is prepopulated with the next available local gid.
In the "Group Name" field, enter the group name.

In the "GID" field, enter a local GID.

In the "Scope" field, select the group scope.

Select the [Create] button.
The application will pause while the new group is created.

Closes the "New Group" window.

The new groups are now available in the "Groups" tab of the "New User" and "Edit User" panels.
Select: File -> Exit
Closes the "UAM Manager" window.