COEListSegs {flags}

		Output the segment list in a format compatible with the 
		DII COE Kernel Version 3.1.
	-h, -H
		Display this help message.
List the segments stored on a machine with the IP address of _
_. -n List the segments stored on a machine with the host name of __. -sn Sort by segment name (default). -st Sort by segment type. -V Display the version number. DESCRIPTION This tool reads information on installed segments from a computer and outputs the information to the standard output. The computer where the segment information will be read is given by the -i or -n option. If the -i or -n option is not specified, segment information is read from the local workstation. The output is sorted alphabetically according to the segment name unless the -st option is provided. If the -31 option is omitted from the call to _COEListSegs_, the following information is printed before the list of segments. The IP Address of this machine is :
The Host name of this machine: The number of installed segments of this machine is : 13 The output format is SegName:Type:SegDir:Ver:Date:[Patches] (if there is no patch segment, it does not print out) If the -31 option is provided, the following information is printed before the list of segments:
: where _
_ is the IP address of the host, __ is the name of the host, and __ is the total number of segments installed on the computer. The output is formatted as a numbered list with the followin syntax: index: segment_name : segment_type : home_directory : segment_version : date_of_installation : patches where _index_ is the index number of the list entry, starting with 1. (If the -31 option is supplied, this field is omitted.) _segment_name_ is the name of the segment. _segment_type_ is the type of the segment installed (e.g. DATA). _home_directory is the path of the segment home directory. _segment_version_ is the segment version number. _date_of_installion denotes the date and time when the segment was installed, in DTG format. _patches_ denotes information related to a patch segment. If there are no patch segments installed on the local machine, this field is omitted from the output. NOTES There are no notes. DATE LAST UPDATED Oct 20, 2000