COEPromptPasswd [flags] ""

	where "" is a string to display.

	-h, -H
		Display this help message.
		Use __ as the maximum number of characters the user
		can type in the response (the default is 40 characters).
		Do not display the verify prompt.
		Display the version number.

	This tool is intended to be used by a _PreInstall_, _PostInstall_, 
	or _DEINSTALL_ script to prompt a user to enter a password. 
	The routine displays a window in which the user may enter a password.
	The user's response is not echoed in the window. A password prompt
	is displayed in a window, and the user must respond to the "enter the
	password" and the "verify the password." The user must then click on 
	the _OK_ button to continue.  The _status_ environment variable is set 
	to -1 if an error occurs (for example, a window could not be displayed)
	or to 0 if the message displays correctly.

	By default, the tool will prompt for the password and then prompt the 
	user to enter the password again for confirmation. A flag may be passed
	to the tool to indicate that the confirmation is not desired. The 
	default maximum password length that a user can enter is 40 characters,
	while the minimum is 6 characters. The calling routine may indicate the
	minimum and maximum number of characters in the user's typed response.

	When confirmation is requested, the tool prompts the user for a matching
	confirmation up to three times before returning a failure. If after
	three attempts the confirmation does not match, the tool returns an 
	error code and the calling routine must determine what action to take.

	There are no notes.

	Oct 20, 2000