Buildfile: build.xml
Main targets:

 ArchUpdate     (public) Updates Architecture type in SegInfo file.
 CalcSpace      (public) Calculates disk space used by segment.
 CanInstall     (public) Runs checks used by COEInstaller.
 MakeAttribs    (public) Creates the FileAttribs file.
 MakeInstall    (public) Packages segment for distribution.
 MakeSource     (public) Make segment source file.
 TestInstall    (public) Installs the segment from the build directory.
 TestRemove     (public) Deinstalls segment without removing it.
 TimeStamp      (public) Puts current time and date into VERSION file.
 VerUpdate      (public) Puts current version into VERSION file.
 VerifySeg      (public) Verifies Segment Compliance,validates with MD5 checksum
 build          (private) Builds the segment in the build directory
 checksum       (private) Generates MD5 checksum for segment
 clean          (public) Clean build directories
 clean-all      (public) Clean ALL directories
 clean-dist     (public) Clean Distribution directories
 clean-extract  (public) Clean extraction directories
 compile        (private) Compiles source code.
 extract        (private) Extracts the archived COTS file.
 import         (private) Imports compiled source code.
 prebuild       (private) Builds COE SegDescrip files
 prepare        (private) Create build directories
 segtar         (private) Makes segment distribution tar.
 tmptar         (private) Makes tmp tar for MD5 Checksum.
 toc            (private) Creates toc file from segment info

Default target: build