This program adds a new record to the Profile Data table. The procedure
	fills in the ProfileName, AcctGroup, Abbreviation, and Scope fields.
	Reserved data is initialized to null. The function will verify that 
	the ProfileName has not already been defined in the database.

	COE_add_profile_data [options] "" "" 

	The ProfileName must be unique. The ProfileName is compared to a 
	string containing the ProfileName with any spaces and non-alphanumeric
	characters replaced by underscores (_) to verify that the latter has
	not been defined as well.

	-h	Prints a useage line. 
	-H	Prints this man page.
	-V	Prints the version number.

	1. ProfileName - A quoted string containing the name of the new profile.
		This string may contain blanks and underscores, but no other
		non-alphanumeric containers are allowed.
	2. AcctGroup - A quoted string containing the name of the account group
		to which this profile belongs
	3. Abbreviation - An abbeviation for the ProfileName. The abbreviation
		may not contain any spaces.
	4. Scope - A character (l for local, g for global, a for all) 
		representing the scope of the user definition

	If the -h option is present or if the calling syntax is incorrect,
	the procedure prints a "useage" statement. If the -H option is present,
	the procedure prints this man page. If the -V option is present, 
	the procedure prints the version number. Otherwise, there is no output.

	The exit status reflects status or error conditions. Exit status 
	is zero if processing is successful. Exit status is non-zero if an 
	error condition occurred during processing. For a description 
	of the error, see COE_get_error_string.

	May 1, 2003